Keto Diet Channel AuthorWelcome to my blog. I’m Miyuki, a self taught home cook. I’m a Japanese woman, so I just need to ask you to excuse my English from time to time.

I used to be a vegan for about nine years from 2007 through December 2015, and turned directly to low carb eating in January 2016.

For the last two to three years of my vegan life, I suffered from cracked corners of the lips three to four times per year, which lasted for four to eight weeks each time. Cracked corner at the mouth is a very painful condition. I took some supplements to remedy the condition but it didn’t help much. Moreover, one day in October 2015 (the last year of my vegan life), when I looked at my face in the mirror, I noticed how dry and inelastic my skin was, which had been very oily since my childhood. I simply thought that I needed to change my diet, so I switched to the low carb/ketogenic diet (even though that was a huge struggle for me). A few weeks later, my skin was back to the way it used to be and the split edges of the mouth healed so easily, so I decided to continue this low carb/ketogenic diet.

Finding vegan foods or vegan friendly restaurants, or just simple healthy natural foods in Japan is actually very difficult, so I needed to cook for myself when I turned to the vegan lifestyle. Even after I switched to the low carb/ketogenic diet, it was still difficult to find what I wanted to eat at the grocery stores in Japan. I don’t know if you know this, but Japan is a country which is filled with foods made with sugar, MSG, and artificial ingredients. Therefore, if you want to take care of yourself here in Japan, cooking for yourself is a must.

I was kind of forced to cook for myself when I adopted the vegan lifestyle, but I have been enjoying cooking since then. I don’t have many low carb diet recipes yet but I just wanted to share my recipes with those who are on the same diet as I develop.

I hope you enjoy my low carb/ketogenic diet recipes.


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