Creative Keto Kitchen Cookbook

Big Announcements

Published on Jul 11, 2019


Creative Keto Kitchen Cookbook


💛 Thank you all for following me 💛

I have two big announcements to make! One of them is obvious from the image up there, though πŸ˜›

But here’s the first one. I’m very sorry to say this, but this will be my last post. I still have recipe ideas in my mind, but I’ve decided to shut down this blog.

I started this blog back in March 2017 and ran for 2+ years. When I started this blog, I never thought this many people would follow me on this blog, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube. I was simply enjoying sharing my recipes with those who were on the same diet as me. Soon after I posted the video of my popular Fat Head Chocolate Babka, which was my second recipe on this blog, someone shared it to a big keto group on Facebook and then the number of my followers started to grow.

I started sharing my recipes on YouTube first, just about a week before the start of this blog. (However, that first account somehow got suspended soon after…) That is why the name of this blog has ‘Channel’ in it. The growth of my YouTube channel was so slow though, with only about 2,250 subscribers as of today… It’s only 1/10 of my Facebook page or Pinterest. The reason I shot a recipe video for each one of my recipes is because I was not sure if I could provide clear and proper directions. (I’m Japanese and English is my second language if you don’t know.) I simply felt that I needed to demonstrate in videos just in case. Shooting was sometimes so bothersome to be honest because you can’t fail when shooting. (Note: That is not the main reason I’m shutting down this blog!) You really need to focus. Sometimes I had to re-shoot and make the same dish again and again if something went wrong in the process. However, when everything (from shooting to editing) was complete, I felt so happy and just enjoyed watching my own videos over and over again!

Even though I enjoyed the whole recipe blogging process, somehow I often considered closing the blog. However, many recipe ideas always sprang in my mind, which kept me going. When I finally made up my mind to shut down this blog for good back in May, I also decided to publish a cookbook. I devoted so much of my time, money, and effort to develop those recipes for the last 2+ years, so I just didn’t want to trash them all. I seriously did everything on my own with no help from others, from developing recipes to shooting and editing photos and videos to posting on this blog. I also have a full-time job outside! Moreover, I lost my father last August but I still kept going to take my mind off his death.

Soooo, I prepared my own cookbook, with no help from others again…, which is the other announcement that I wanted to make. It contains all of my recipes from this blog (well except for four unpopular ones), plus three new easy ones. I could’ve added more new ones, but I kind of felt like publishing it as soon as possible.

It’s a self-published cookbook named

CREATIVE KETO KITCHEN: 90+ Delicious & Creative Keto Recipes’
(Author: Miyuki Minami)


It’s available only on Amazon, both in Paperback (Print on Demand) and Kindle. Because I’m not a professional editor, it does not have that pro-look. The layout / design is very simple, but I did my best in such a short time span, using MS-Word…

Creative Keto Kitchen Cookbook

Many people said that my recipes were creative. I didn’t think that way when I started this recipe blogging. Now I think that’s true. Most (not all!) of my recipes are creative and unique. so if someone copies mine, I can definitely know. That’s why I put ‘Creative’ in the name of my cookbook.

My cookbook ‘Creative Keto Kitchen’ is available not only on US Amazon but also on other countries’ Amazon sites:

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I hope you’ll get at least one copy ❤

I published the Kindle version a quite while ago, but didn’t advertise anywhere at all. I was waiting for the printed proofs of my cookbook to arrive from Amazon, which took for ages! I just wanted to see the books with my eyes before making an official announcement.

Well, if you are a follower of this blog, you are probably aware that I’m good at creating dessert recipes rather than dishes. The reason I’m telling this is because the main dishes come first in this cookbook and Amazon’s ‘Look Inside’ feature shows only the first several pages, which are all main dishes… I’m a bit disappointed! I thought I would be able to choose which pages to show! However, the ‘Look Inside’ feature allows you to look at the recipe index, so those who don’t know about me can see at least all the recipe names and thumbnails. (Comment added on July 29: I changed the order by putting the sweets/treats before those main dishes!)

Anyway, back to the first announcement,
all the recipes will be deleted on 8 August 2019 and the blog will be completely shut down in September 2019, (* Comment added on 23 September: The shutdown date has changed to December.)
but I won’t delete my YouTube channel or Facebook page so that those who purchased my cookbook can refer to the videos for directions. I’ll also keep sharing recipes of other bloggers on Facebook.

I’d like to express my gratitude to Low Carb Yum, Low Carb Zen, and Wholesome Yum, who cross-posted my videos on Facebook. The number of my followers on Facebook greatly increased thanks to them! They accepted my offer to cross-post each other’s videos even when I had much less followers back then.

Shutting down this blog does not mean I’m not on keto anymore. I’m still pretty much on keto and still follow many low carb recipe bloggers and groups on Facebook. So I may self-publish another cookbook if this first one goes better than I expected…?

So, once again, I’m extremely grateful to those who followed me through my journey and deeply apologise for shutting down the blog. I just hope and want to believe that everyone enjoyed my recipes as much as I enjoyed developing them. And once again, I hope you’ll get my cookbook πŸ™‚


Thank you ❤

Love ❤,


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  1. Cris Barkman says:

    Thank you so very much for sharing your creativity. I have enjoyed your recipes so very much. I wish you great success in all your future endeavors! Warm wishes to you!

    1. Keto Diet Channel says:

      Cris, Thank you for your comment I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed my recipes πŸ™‚ Thank you!

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